Mon 13 Nov 2023, 12:59 · Ash Harrison

'Remember those days?': Pundit launches impassioned rant at NUFC fans but gets key detail wrong

'Remember those days?': Pundit launches impassioned rant at NUFC fans but gets key detail wrong
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How can a man get it so right and yet so wrong?

At full-time on Saturday there was an incident between Newcastle United's Kieran Trippier and a mouthy fan that looked a bit ugly on first viewing.

It was simply a case of two frustrated parties airing their grievances when tempers were at their highest.

A cursory glance at the internet would have shown how the fan and Trippier have moved on

Since then Kieran Trippier has addressed the issue and apologised, and more importantly, the fan - note the singular use of the word there - has come out on social media and owned up to letting his emotions get the better of him and also apologised.

However, the latter part of that never seems to get picked up on when it comes to the national media.

Understandably, they may have missed it as they won't have their faces in all NUFC-related social media matters, but if a national publication is going to put out anything, then surely it's their job to research first.

Fans have the right to be upset after forking out so much money

BBC's Garth Crooks has had a go at Newcastle's fans - note the plural there - and while the sentiment behind what he's saying is right in that in the face of this injury crisis we are still doing well and it's no time to get carried away, tarring all fans with the same brush is mental.

I'm not saying that Crooks should have looked for an apology from the fan by any means, but the BBC have researchers, editors and all sorts of other people whose job it is to look into these things before they release such statements into the wild.

Also, just because we have a barrel full of valid excuses for a terrible performance, it doesn't mean that those who spent a ton of money on a ticket and travelling to the farthest reaches of the country don't have the right to feel miffed.