Sat 11 Nov 2023, 19:41 · Ash Harrison

'Really poor': Alan Shearer reacts to Newcastle United's 2-0 defeat to Bournemouth

'Really poor': Alan Shearer reacts to Newcastle United's 2-0 defeat to Bournemouth
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It was a night of sheer misery as Newcastle United suffered their fourth Premier League defeat of the season.

Bournemouth came away 2-0 winners today and became the first bottom-half team to beat Newcastle since March last year, and the thing is ... they made it look easy.

If we're being honest, a 2-0 scoreline flatters Newcastle more than Bournemouth as they could have had four or five.

Newcastle really need this two week break

Newcastle collectively looked completely done in. The extra fixtures this season are taking their toll on the players who are having to play more regularly thanks to the shocking number of injuries Newcastle are dealing with.

True to form, Newcastle picked up another injury as Miguel Almiron came off in the first half. The one injury-per-game streak continues.

We have plenty of excuses, but at the end of the day, we still had players on the pitch who were much more capable than what they showed today, and that's how Alan Shearer saw it too.

Shearer showed restraint in his full-time reaction

Taking to X at full-time Alan Shearer declared that the best team won on the day.

"By far the better team won on the night. Newcastle have injuries and suspensions, but they were really poor and nowhere near it. Well done Bournemouth."

To be honest, I was expecting more expletives when I went to check Sheaerer's reaction, so fair play to the big man for showing restraint.