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"Please get there early!": Wor Flags reveal huge plans for tonight's PSG encounter

"Please get there early!": Wor Flags reveal huge plans for tonight's PSG encounter
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Wor Flags have massive plans for the visit of Kylian Mbappé and Paris Saint-Germain tonight.

The group have this morning outlined just what they have in store for the first Champions League game at St. James' Park in 20 years.

Wor Flags have confirmed that tonight's display will involve all four sides of the ground, including Level 7, and requested that supporters make every effort to get to the stadium as early as possible.

This is because all supporters have a part to play, as every seat in the Leazes End and East Stand has a flag on it, while most seats in the Gallowgate End will have flags and that stand will be home to a brand new Monty Magpie surfer.

The Milburn Stand and Level 7 are covered with the larger "waver" flags, as there can't be a full display there due to the number of corporate seats and Uefa seats in the stadium, but supporters in those areas will have the best view of the overall display.

The overall theme of the display is "Hello, hello, we are the Geordie boys!"

Help support Wor Flags' displays

Wor Flags is a volunteer-run organisation. Its members dedicate hours and hours to putting on the displays the rest of us get to enjoy in the stadium or on the television.

They're always in need of financial assistance from fellow supporters to put on their displays. You can set up a small monthly donation or make a one-off donation of as little as £1 on the /donate page of their site.

Every little helps and every penny generated through donations goes directly towards making the St. James' Park atmosphere as good as it can possibly be.