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Peter Silverstone joins the club as COO, Bruno makes TOTW, Newcastle top pressure chart

David H · Wednesday 12th October 2022
Peter Silverstone joins the club as COO, Bruno makes TOTW, Newcastle top pressure chart

Wednesday's Recap

Bruno bags a TOTW card

  • Having scored twice at the weekend, Bruno was part of the FIFA 23 TOTW offering
  • He becomes the first Toon player to be included in FIFA
  • This comes after Miggy was robbed last week after his fantastic brace against Fulham

Peter Silverstone set to join the club

  • According to Craig Hope, Newcastle have secured a new Chief Operating Officer in Peter Silverstone
  • Silverstone spent seven years at Arsenal, four of which were in the role he's set to take on at Newcastle
  • He'll become key to Newcastle's quest to battle FFP and open up more streams of revenue going forward
  • Silverstone will join Chief Executive Darren Eales, and Sporting Director Dan Ashworth

Newcastle top Premier League chart for regaining the ball

  • It looks like Eddie has the boys working overtime since he joined, and we finally have some stats to back up the hard work
  • The Athletic has looked at Newcastle's work rate, and it's safe to say things are looking good
  • We top the chart for regaining the ball in the attacking third, something we saw work wonders against Brentford
  • When it comes to pressing, we sit just fourth behind Leeds, Chelsea, and Liverpool. With opposing sides completed just 10.2 passes on average before they're closed down
  • The article also looks at specific games that Newcastle have done this and got the upper hand on opponents

Dan Ashworth outlines ambitions for NUFC

I think everybody would admit there are certain areas of the club that have been run on more of a skeleton framework and a survival basis. It was like, ‘If we can stay in the Premier League, that’s fine or enough’.
That’s not enough anymore. So, consequently, we have to upscale the majority of departments and facilities in order to try to achieve our goals, which are to finish higher up the league and compete for trophies.
They are our aspirational targets, and that’s the trajectory the club is going towards over the next few years. So, consequently, there is a building out of structures and capacity needed, in order to be able to achieve that.

Interview taken from The Northern Echo

Darren Eales on BBC Newcastle

As we think about our opportunities to work with partners, we have to obviously do that through the lens of the supporters by engaging and communicating with them. For us, it’s about talking with our supporters and being open by saying: ‘look, we all want to get to this place and to get to this place we need to bring in commercial revenues. Eales speaking to BBC Newcastle.

Club to speak with supporters about renaming St james' Park

  • The Times reports that the club is looking to speak to Supporters prior to any future name changes of the stadium
  • Ashley changed the name to Sports Direct Arena during his time, which rubbed fans up the wrong way
  • That said, the issue was less about the name, and more about the club not seeing any of the money
  • Would fans be more willing if it actually had an impact on the squad, OR if the name included St James' Park in the name?