Mon 15 Jan 2024, 09:50 · Ash Harrison

'Nothing decided': Fabrizio Romano gives update on Bruno Guimaraes' Newcastle future

'Nothing decided': Fabrizio Romano gives update on Bruno Guimaraes' Newcastle future
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The Newcastle United fanbase is in panic mode right now after an interview with CEO Darren Eales where he admitted that the club will have to sell players.

As the internet is such a normal place where everybody is calm and pragmatic, everyone took it at face value and we all went to sleep peacefully that night. The End.

Wait, no, the opposite happened, didn't it? Nowhere in the statement made by Darren Eales did he mention specific players, nor did he hint that he was talking about star players, but fans, whipped up into a frenzy by the media, let's be honest, have collectively decided that we're definitely selling Bruno Guimaraes because Eales said so.

Fabrizio Romano has poured cold water on the Bruno rumours

Now transfer specialist Fabrizio Romano has added his two-pence worth into the mix.

Alexander Isak
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Arsenal are sniffing around Isak according to the media

Speaking to Caught Offside, Romano reiterated what we've been saying - Bruno doesn't want to leave.

“Despite rumours, nothing is clear now on Bruno Guimaraes. Bruno has not decided to leave, there’s nothing decided in terms of price, all reports on Spanish clubs are not confirmed just because time for decisions is not now. Bruno is expected to stay in January and then in the next months we will see what happens.”

So can we all take a breath now and divert our focus to the fact that ARSENAL ARE GOING TO BUY ALEXANDER ISAK!

Newcastle are trying to shine a spotlight on PSR and how unfair they are

Seriously, the club aren't panicking yet and there's no call to sell our star players who were brought in for us to build a team around. Selling Sven Botman, Bruno Guimaraes or Alexander Isak simply isn't going to happen, they are the spine that our new side is built around, and letting any one of them go would be a backward step.

FFP is causing us issues, sure, but not to the point where we have to sell our prize assets.

Besides, we are convinced that the moaning about FFP is a ploy to bring its unfairness to the attention of everyone to force change, and with all of the sanctions being thrown around now and the lawsuit Everton are bringing up, there's no better time for us to be jumping on this wagon.