Fri 20 Oct 2023, 13:59 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle United post job advert that seems to be a direct response to Sandro Tonali incident

Newcastle United post job advert that seems to be a direct response to Sandro Tonali incident
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This morning Newcastle United posted a job advert on their official site for a new role in the club.

With everything that's going on with Sandro Tonali regarding his illegal betting allegations, it's quite obvious that it will all be taking a mental toll on the 23-year-old Italian.

It was mentioned this morning in Eddie Howe's pre-match media briefing that Tonali is handling himself well but is still quite emotional about all that's going on.

Tonali will be going through hell, mentally

That's understandable given that his entire career is in jeopardy. Granted, his career likely won't end, but a football career is a short one and missing one to three years of it due to suspension is a big chunk of it.

It can't be a coincidence then that today posted a job advert for a Player Care and Family Liaison Officer.

As Howe alluded to this morning, it's not just Sandro Tonali who is going through this, but his family too, so having staff in place who can help support the players and their families in a non-footballing sense is a fantastic idea.

The role is definitely one that should be good for all involved at the club

The advert clarifies the position as:

"Joining a busy and friendly team, you will provide proactive and high-level practical support to the 1st team playing squad, coaches, and their families. You’ll create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that aligns to our club values.

"You’ll create and manage a family programme to create a friendly and welcoming community. You will also create, deliver and run an appropriate 1st team education and development structure, with a mixture of group discussions as well as individual support."

This is possibly a role that was already under development at Newcastle, but you can't deny the timing is pretty coincidental.