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Newcastle United FIFA 23 ratings

David H · Sunday 25th September 2022
Newcastle United FIFA 23 ratings

With FIFA 23 almost here, we finally have a chance to look at how the NUFC squad shapes up.

Now, after the heroics of the squad last season, you'd expect to see Eddie's lads all over those '+ overall' ratings, however... EA don't seem to agree.

Below you'll see a list of all the players in the NUFC squad for FIFA 23. The ratings shown are across Career Mode and Ultimate Team. Any +1/-1 next to a rating shows their improvement or decline since FIFA 22. If the Overall Rating is the same, we'll leave it blank. Most cards without change have seen a few stats change, however.

The top 6 NUFC players in Fifa 23

Top 6

  • Trippier 84
  • Bruno 81 +2
  • Pope 81 -2
  • ASM 81 +2
  • Isak 80 -2
  • Botman 80 +1 (Botman was a FIFA 22 Future Star card and ended up with a +6 by the end of the game)

No huge surprise at the top spot, though fans are already bemused to see Bruno only go up +2. Now, for those that play Career Mode, that's great, but those who play Ultimate Team might want to look away. While Bruno is a high rating, his stats are less than ideal. His 81 dribbling is good for a CM, but his lack of pace (69) and passing (79) are criminally underrated. Sadly, we may well need an in-form for us to see Bruno's true potential.

Trippier remains our top player, and while he lacks pace, his passing and FK taking ability will see him shine.

ASM has once again improved, and is already Newcastle's most expensive player in Ultimate Team. ASM is also nailed on to get some sort of Special card in FIFA 23, so start saving those coins.

Pope drops 2 Overall points this year, which isn't a huge surprise given Burnley's relegation. However, he remains a solid keeper, and one that's very likely to pick up an in-form or two.

Botman and Isak come in at 80 each, with one of the two highly likely to feature in the 'Ones to Watch' promo. While Isak is a slightly low Overall Rating, his 5* weak foot is a game changer if he picks up an in-form. Botman is certainly a good option in CB but his terrible pace (58) will see him rarely used.

Best of the rest

  • Wilson 79
  • Miggy 78 +1

Wilson has stayed the same for FIFA 23, having failed to pick up an in-form in an injury hit season. That said, Wilson is always a solid pick for a cheap striker, with great pace and finishing, he's an in-form away from being a top striking option.

While he often fails to sparkle in real life, Miggy has had a nice little + upgrade for FIFA 23. He's also been moved over to the RM role and is very capable of playing across the right side or CM/CAM.

Remaing NUFC gold cards

  • Schar 77 +1
  • Shelvey 77 +2
  • Burn 77 +2
  • Targett 77
  • Wood 76 -3
  • Fraser 76 +1
  • Darlow 75 -1
  • Lascelles 75 -2
  • Joelinton 75 +1
  • Willock 75

Shelvey and Burn are the two big winners here. Shelvey had an amazing season under Howe, and was a major reason in the club staying in the league. Burn was one of the most low-key signings of January, but he commanded the role. A fully deserved fair of upgrades for sure.

Wood failed to impress after his move, so a -3 is no surprise. Lascelles really struggled under Bruce, and wasn't a starter under Howe.

We're not sure who at EA was tasked with watching Joelinton for the FIFA 23 ratings. Though, we're not sure that they did a very good job of it. After winning the NUFC player of the season award, Joelinton has moved +1 making him the worst possible rating for a Gold player, making him little more than a fodder card. Sadly for Joelinton, due to the role he plays, he's unlikely to feature in many Team of the Weeks for FIFA 23, but we can dream.

NUFC Silver cards

  • Krafth 74 +1
  • Manquillo -2
  • S Longstaaff 74 +2
  • Ritche 73 -1
  • Dummet 73 -1
  • Murphy 73+1
  • Lewis 72 -1
  • Gillespie 67 -3
  • Anderson 67 +5
  • Munoz 68 +2
  • Karius - has not been added to Fifa 23 at launch

Nothing too interesting for Ultimate Team players here. Anderson is a noteworthy player for those playing Career Mode, with 84 potential. That puts him fourth highest behind Bruno (86), Botman (86), and Willock (84).

For those who like silver squads, Manquillo and Krafth are both solid RB options. S. Longstaff is also a great option in the middle of the park. If he keeps playing under Howe, we can see him or Anderson getting a "Silver Stars" player in the future.

NUFC Special cards FIFA 23 predictions

  • ASM is likely to get some sort of special card at some point. Either a "flashback" or a position swap to Striker
  • Either Botman or Isak will get an OTW card. Botman had a Future Star card in FIFA 22, so he's a solid option. However, Isak is a striker, and is likely a better option for EA. Isak has had a special card every year since FIFA 19, so he's nailed on to get something
  • Anderson is also very likely to pick up something during FIFA 23. He could get a Future Star, which would make him the first Toon player actually at the club to get one
  • Joelinton got a Silver Star in FIFA 22, mostly because he was in the base game as a Striker before being moved to CM by Howe. Giving his shocking rating in FIFA 23, we'd expect him to get a similar special card this season
  • With NUFC now a more interesting club at last, expect the club's players to be included in future promotions in FIFA 23