Tue 10 Oct 2023, 11:29 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle now considering programme reprint after fan buys up bulk of stock to sell for profit

Newcastle now considering programme reprint after fan buys up bulk of stock to sell for profit
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Imagine waking up one day with a bright idea to absolutely fleece your fellow Newcastle United fans and then putting that plan into action.

If you were lucky enough to have a ticket for the Champions League game at St James' Park when Newcastle United demolished Paris Saint-Germain 4-1, then you may well have wanted a memento from the occasion in the form of an official matchday programme.

After such an historic win, fans would definitely want a piece of memorabilia to keep, but a large amount of fans looking for a keepsake were left disappointed after one man bought up the bulk of the stock to sell on ebay for extortionate amounts of money.

The man in question was called on on social media for his actions and showed absolutely zero remorse, claiming that he often buys programmes in bulk via the club to then sell on through his business.

However, the real issue here isn't so much that fans would now have to go to him if they wanted a programme from that game, it's the absolutely mental mark-up he's placed on them, selling them for up to £50!!!!

20231002 psg programme cover
The programme cost £3.50 from approved vendors on the night

So just the £46.50 above RRP then.

There's running a business to make a profit and then there's just sheer extortion. Ripping off your fellow fans like this is abhorrent.

I don't want to provide links to the fall-out on social media as I don't want cause a pile-on, even though his lack of remorse tells me he fully deserves it, but the NUSC were very quick to bring this to fans' attention and have also contacted the club about reissuing the programme for the appropriate fee.

There's hope that the reprints will be available at the Crystal Palace game on 21st October.

Hopefully he'll think twice before trying to fleece fans again.