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Toon back in for Harrison, 'New Deal for Football,' Bruno waxes lyrical about Newcastle

by David · Published Tue 20 Sept 2022, 21:22
Toon back in for Harrison, 'New Deal for Football,' Bruno waxes lyrical about Newcastle

Tuesday's Roundup

Bruno speaks to FourFourTwo

It's a dream come true to be playing in the Premier League. Everything is amazing. Sometimes I think to myself: "I was born for this, for the Premier League." I already feel at home here. The fans are crazy about me, and nothing beats that in football. Honestly, I get so much love out on the streets that sometimes it feels like I'm the mayor of the city! They spot me and start yelling my name, wanting to take a picture. I've met people who've got a tattoo with my face on! It's nuts. That's the love the fans have. NUFC have been through some difficult times in the recent past and now they're bouncing back. Every single home game is wonderful, because the atmosphere is incredible - it's totally different from the atmosphere at any other Premier League ground. Our fans remind me of Brazilian fans and South American fans. It's damn good to play in a place like this."

'New Deal for Football' - Premier League proposal

Key points:

  • The proposal - being pitched to clubs by the Premier League itself - includes a number of new measures, including re-distribution of funds from the Premier League to the EFL, changes to the domestic cup competitions, and new rules on spending
  • 3rd and 4th round replays in FA Cup would be scrapped altogether starting from 2024/25 season
  • It is understood that there is some appetite from EFL clubs for ditching replays due to opportunity of winning on penalties
  • Clubs involved in European competitions would either not compete in the League Cup or field Under-21 sides
  • It is not expected that Premier League clubs will push for League Cup to be scrapped
  • Parachute payments will be reformed, with the amounts greatly reduced
  • New Deal will allocate funding to Championship clubs on a sliding scale, a la Premier League merit payments
  • Another measure is the restriction of spending on transfers and wages, limited based on percentages of revenue
  • Clubs waiting to see if Liz Truss will demand an independent regulator following Tracey Crouch's review

Toon back in Harrison

  • It looks like the club is going to go back in for Jack Harrison in the January window
  • With Leeds keen to offer him a new deal, the Toon are ready to double his wages to get him into Toon
  • Newcastle submitted at least two bids for Harrison in the Summer window, with both being turned down
  • Harrison has two years left on his deal and has started the season in impressive form

Rafa speaks to Sky Sports about Newcastle United

Simon Smith speaks about time at Newcastle

From other people, you find out this or that has gone on in the game but when I’m on the bench I’m just sat there, watching the goalkeeper, how he’s stood, what his stance is, what he’s looking at in the game. It sounds ridiculous but that’s the job. You’re single-minded. I think I’ve missed countless big goals or moments that Newcastle fans probably all remember doing that.”

Smith on Rafa

He really knew his stuff so he’d question everything you were doing, on and off-the-field. When Rafa decided he wanted a new goalie at the end of the season he sent me name after name after name – it was a huge list. He’s a fantastic manager and man but a stickler for detail. I just thought if Rafa had stayed, we would have gone on to really achieve something"

Toon-ternational updates

  • Trippier is yet to link up with England, with Southgate giving him a day off due to “personal reasons”
  • Sven Botman has withdrawn from the Netherlands U21 squad to focus on Newcastle United
  • Tomorrow is the first game featuring Toon players, with Fraser for Scotland and Elliott Anderson, Lucas De Bolle for Scotland's U21

Mike Ashley steps down from Fraser Group board

  • He'll step down after 40 years in charge
  • The group said Mr Ashley would not run for re-election and would step down next month
  • Ashley will provide the company with 100 m worth of funding
  • Flush with cash from the sale of Newcastle United almost a year ago. It's unknown what Ashley will do next
  • He has been linked to a number of football sales in recent years. Most notably Derby County in 2022

U23s failed to win in the Papa John's Trophy

  • The U23s lost 2-0 away to Barnsley
  • Two late goals secured the win for Barnsley
  • The defeat puts Newcastle bottom of their group