Mon 18 Mar 2024, 18:29 · Ash Harrison

'More sensible': Luke Edwards poses the same hypothetical question as fans after Notts Forest punishment revealed

'More sensible': Luke Edwards poses the same hypothetical question as fans after Notts Forest punishment revealed
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Nottingham Forest today learned their fate after being found guilty of breaching the Premier League's Profit and Sustainability rules.

Like Everton before them, Nottingham Forest have been handed a points deduction for breaching the old Financial Fair Play rules which regulated the losses a club could make over a rolling three-season period. However, where Everton were handed a 10-point deduction, later reduced to six on appeal, Forest have only been handed a four-point deduction. This is despite

This will affect their league position for now, but it doesn't cut them adrift in the relegation fight, so there's still a chance that Forest could survive the drop despite this punishment.

The disparity in the punishments is said to be down to the fact that Nottingham Forest admitted guilt at the first chance and cooperated fully with the Premier League's investigation.


Is a four-point hit worth the risk to rebuild the squad?

So with just four points as a punishment, does it seem like it might even be worth Newcastle going all out in the summer with a "who cares?" attitude towards the financial regulations?

That's what a lot of fans on social media have been saying and now even Luke Edwards has posed the question, making sure to clarify that he's merely posing a hypothetical and that the club will not be so cavalier.

"I wonder if #nufc look at four point penalty and six point penalty handed out to Nottingham Forest and Everton and think, you know what, let’s just spend big in one window, improve the squad depth dramatically even if it means we breach PSR threshold and see where that gets us? Would that be a more sensible strategy long term than having to sell to buy in the summer?"

The aftermath of Manchester City's punishment could change everything

As Luke Edwards made clear in his follow-up post, the club are highly unlikely to take that risk, and we're pretty glad to be honest. We are already in the Premier League's crosshairs ever since the takeover, so any little slip up we make they will seize upon us and try and make an example.

What we need to do is wait and see how these 115 charges against Manchester City pan out. The feeling is that they won't get a hefty points deduction and will get away with a huge fine, which will cause an absolute uproar, especially from the likes of Everton and Nottingham Forest now.

The PSR rules are already set to change this summer, but if the powers that be don't follow through with harsh punishments for City, we'll see a massive upheaval in the Premier League. It's best that Newcastle stay well out of it and then hopefully we can take advantage of the fallout, whatever that may be.