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Miggy new contract, Bruno interview with Sky Sports, Trippier the FK master

David H · Thursday 27th October 2022
Miggy new contract, Bruno interview with Sky Sports, Trippier the FK master

Thursday's Recap

New contract for Miggy

  • Newcastle are looking to offer Miggy a new contract to reward his amazing start to the season
  • Miggy has a contract running till 2024, so Newcastle will offer him a new deal to ward off rivals
  • Miggy has had his best start to a season at Newcastle, having already outscored his best season with just 13 games played
  • Almiron has been on an incredible run of late, form which could set him for a Player of the Month nomination

Athletic speaks to Isaac Hayden

"The manager is really, really good there," Hayden says. “He has called me probably every couple of weeks, just to see how I am and how I’m getting on. He talks about the lads back there and how they’re getting on too. A lot of people probably think I might not like the staff that came in because I didn’t play as much as I would’ve wished. But I have nothing but great things to say about him as a person. He’s a top-level coach; probably the best I’ve had in terms of man-management. I was there for six years and a lot of us grew up with that club, through the Championship and into the Premier League."

"It got to a point where they wanted to move on and the injuries for me probably came at the wrong time." There was also the small matter of the man who had been signed to replace him at St James’ Park — Bruno Guimaraes. “They said my replacement is not a bad player so, you know,” Hayden says with a laugh. “I can’t really complain. I wish them nothing but the best. Full article available on The Athletic (Paywall)

Talking Tactics

  • A look at how Eddie was able to break through Spurs' 5-3-2. The use of Bruno, and how we rely on Trippier/Almiron combination to take on teams 1v1.
  • WyAyeScout looks at the impact Trippier has had since joining. Mostly about how his set-pieces have helped push Newcastle forward. The thread goes into a lot of detail about Trippier, and why we've seen him tipped to be England's starting RB at the World Cup.

Eales loves Miggy (and Howe)

Speaking about Miggy, Eales had this to say: Look, I mean it’s funny, because Miggy was one of the first signings when I was at Atlanta, and it was his dream to come to the Premier League. So it was one of those strange ones where when you did the transfer, probably more than any other one, I was really pleased for Miggy as well.
What I would say is, I saw what Miggy was capable of at Atlanta, and no one could doubt his passion, commitment and personality. He’s a great guy to have around. And I would say another shout out to Eddie and the team because I think what you’ve seen in everything Eddie’s done since he’s come in, it’s been about developing players.
As for Howe: You’ve seen it from last season. It was amazing to finish where we did, but with a pre-season, and the way we’ve almost kicked on again in terms of style of play. Eddie talks about ‘intensity is our identity’. From my perspective, the way he went on the front foot against Manchester City was incredible.

In other news

  • Athletic long-read about Newcastle's recent success being about more than just money.
  • Lee Clark interview from the BBC Archive after the Milk Cup under 16s Final between Man U and Newcastle