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Journalist gives update on Lewis Hall and ends with brilliant line that Newcastle fans will love

Journalist gives update on Lewis Hall and ends with brilliant line that Newcastle fans will love
Alex Davidson / Football London
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Newcastle United will have to do without on-loan Lewis Hall as they face his parent club Chelsea in the next round of the Carabao Cup.

Yesterday Newcastle fans realised that goal-scoring hero Lewis Hall will have to sit out the Carabao Cup quarter-final as the Magpies will face his parent club.

Although Newcastle has an obligation to buy Hall at the end of the season, he is still technically a Chelsea player until then which means, that unless Chelsea gives Newcastle written permission to do so, they can't field Lewis Hall in the Carabao Cup clash between the two sides.

Hall deserves to play in the next round

It's probably more of a blow for Hall himself who has so far only really found his chances to play in the Carabao Cup, and after playing so well on Wednesday night, would have been looking forward to another crack in the next round.

498516 lewis hall of newcastle united celebrates scoring 1 nov
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Lewis Hall celebrates after scoring a belter against Manchester United

Jordin Cronin of Newcastle World did the digging on the rules and posted his findings on X which were then piggybacked by Craig Hope who added his confirmation but then added a little extra spice for the fans.

Hope can be a divisive figure at times with some fans complaining that he always has a negative slant on things that are happening at Newcastle. We think he's just doing his job and he knows what sells, but we can see the argument.

Hope should have won a few people over with this post

Hopefully (ha!) this latest social media post will win a few people back onside for the journo.

Hope added that he believes Newcastle are expecting to not field Hall but then goes on to say that Hall will have his shot at his old club next season... if they stay up.

Bravo, Craig. Bravo!