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"It's a Newcastle win": Wilson says he'll score (and dance) again at West Ham on Sunday

"It's a Newcastle win": Wilson says he'll score (and dance) again at West Ham on Sunday
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The banter was flowing between Callum Wilson and Michail Antonio at the beginning of this week's edition of the Footballer's Football Podcast on the BBC's Player's Channel.

It's the "Footballer's Football Podcast" derby on Sunday

Newcastle are heading to the London Stadium to take on West Ham this Sunday, though there's the small matter of Paris Saint-Germain's visit to St. James' Park tonight to get out of the way first.

With that in mind, podcast host Rickie Haywood-Williams was keen to get Wilson and Antonio at each other's throats from the off, and it led to some fantastic lines from our number nine, including this absolute gem:

"Just like the sun rises in the morning, Wilson scores against West Ham."

Wilson also predicted that Newcastle would follow up their 5-1 victory from last season with another win on Antonio's home ground, asserting that he would be on the scoresheet against the Hammers yet again.

Will we see another "Macarena" from Wilson?

Last season, Wilson was true to his word when he did a rendition of the "Macarena" dance in front of the fuming Hammers fans after scoring, a celebration that was requested by his opposite number on the podcast in the week of the game.

For his part, Antonio promised to do Kevin Nolan's infamous "chicken dance" celebration if he finds the net against Newcastle on Sunday, saying it would be a "Magpie dance".

"Magpies don't dance, big man" was Wilson's blunt response to hearing that, saying that he would allow Antonio to request a celebration from him again this season.

It could be another famous dance instead

The West Ham forward mulled over a few options before settling on the "Carlton dance" from the 90s sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" made famous by Alfonso Ribeiro.

Wilson claimed he didn't know what Antonio meant, before Googling the movement and seeming impressed when he saw it for the first time. If you're similarly in the dark, here it is:

Provided he's able to shrug off the hamstring tightness that's set to keep him out of the PSG game tonight, we're looking forward to seeing the Carlton from Super Cal on Sunday!

Truthfully, we wouldn't mind seeing a Magpie from Antonio, either, provided we still get the three points.