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Eddie Howe's Tuesday press conference - 8th November

Matt · Tuesday 8th November 2022
Eddie Howe's Tuesday press conference - 8th November

Eddie Howe spoke with the media this morning ahead of Wednesday night's EFL Cup clash with Crystal Palace. Here is all of the topics covered, summarised/paraphrased. See the club website for the full press conference.


  • Callum Wilson is okay, been feeling an illness for a few days, a little bit run down, we’ll see how he is at the end of today
  • Needs to be at full strength before he comes back on the pitch
  • Kieran Trippier: no problems


  • Want to do well in the cups, want to give the best representation of ourselves
  • My dream is to try and win something for Newcastle and that hasn’t changed
  • When you play any game you’ve got to get the mindset right and have everybody involved with the same mindset: to win and progress
  • The players are embracing that and would mirror my thoughts; there’s no dead games here
  • We would love to go far in the competition
  • I believe we have the team and the squad to cope with the challenge
  • Chance to create our own history and leave a legacy of having won something
  • The club not having won something for a long time is a driver, not a pressure
  • We did a presentation on the history of the club and made references to how long it had been since we won a domestic cup competition
  • I can’t place too much emphasis on the idea of winning the tournament, it’s about progressing through the next round
  • Against Cambridge, I saw signs of the team emerging that has come out


  • A number of players are pushing
  • Lot of players who’ve done very well historically in the team, I’ve no doubt about their ability to come in and play well
  • A lot of players come into contention, including those who haven’t played so much
  • I need to get the selection right
  • Re goalkeepers, it’s the same as the outfielders; we’ll make a decision tomorrow


  • Knew we were in a big fight to stay in the league
  • There’s a few fundamental things you need the team to deliver
  • Needed an emphasis on training and performances in training
  • Wanted to improve defensive record, which came down to drilling players on training pitch
  • Players’ attitude was so good
  • Felt we had players who were capable of scoring goals, just needed to solidify the team
  • I wanted to come to something new, vibrant and a totally different challenge to the one I’d had
  • I feel like I’m Newcastle through and through but feel I have a lot more to prove and educate myself on
  • It’s been a really healthy dynamic for me; coming into an amazing club and taking on the challenge
  • Throughout the year there has been bits and pieces you pick up on, things you weren’t aware of; you’re picking up things all the time; things that went on in the past
  • It’s an important part of the jigsaw as you decide where to take the club next


  • Changes will happen in terms of the external forces against us, in terms of expectation and other things that can come into play
  • We need to concentrate on what we’re delivering as best we can
  • Focus on the football and the principles behind our game
  • You can’t predict football, that’s why everyone loves it
  • The only thing we can control is our effort levels and the commitment to what we do
  • People will build us up to try and knock us down; we have to stay away from that
  • You want to leave your mark wherever you go and in a positive way
  • You want to be remembered as someone who cared about the club and left the club in a better place than when you entered


  • Every individual’s situation is very different
  • We’re in a very healthy league position and it makes us more attractive to players we may want to sign in the future
  • If we’re ambitious and players know they can excel here it helps us
  • January last year was difficult to recruit in because players were wary of coming into a relegation battle
  • Those who did arrive came with 100% buy-in for what we wanted to achieve
  • They came to pledge their heart and soul into what you’re doing; those are the characters you want


  • Want my players to fulfil all their dreams and ambitions
  • It’s in the hands of the managers of the national teams; some very difficult decisions to make, some people are going to be disappointed
  • Disappointed for Joelinton; he’s been incredible for me and produced some brilliant performances but it wasn’t to be
  • Delighted for Bruno and his family
  • It’s a strange week; squad announcements during a busy spell of games
  • There’ll be a lot of emotions flying around, we’ll deal with the fall-out from that after the squads are announced
  • Not going to tell Gareth Southgate what he should and shouldn’t be doing
  • He’s in a difficult position now, I have empathy with him in terms of disappointing players, which is a difficult thing to do
  • He’ll know all about our squad of players


  • Lot of players eager to play and show their qualities
  • Number of games this week; tight turnaround; three games in six days
  • Desperate to progress in the competition and do well in it
  • They are a very well coached team, have slowly changed their philosophy
  • Clear method in their build-up with very dangerous players
  • Patrick Vieira has done a brilliant job and it’ll be a tough game


  • First thing you want in a cup draw is a home tie
  • So proud to play in front of home supporters


  • Look back at errors to see where we can improve
  • But we’re not a group that wants to look back, the last year has happened, it’s finished, we need to go again
  • Football doesn’t stand still


  • Really important for attacking players to contribute by scoring
  • The game wasn’t necessarily going to be a dominant team performance, it was tight
  • The goal he scored – the finish shouldn’t be underestimated, it was a brilliant finish
  • His goal was the pick of the four


  • He’s trained very, very well behind the scenes
  • He’s very keen play
  • There’s a difference between being unhappy and accepting of the situation
  • Dan Burn has played very well; I don’t think Targett has felt that he could have an argument about not playing
  • He’ll potentially get an opportunity in the coming weeks
  • He’s an outstanding talent