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Eddie Howe's Tuesday press conference - 18th October

Matt · Tuesday 18th October 2022
Eddie Howe's Tuesday press conference - 18th October

Eddie Howe spoke with the media this morning, ahead of Wednesday's clash against Everton. Here is all of the topics covered, summarised/paraphrased. See the club website for the full press conference.


  • Don’t think we’ll see Isak again before the World Cup due to thigh setback. It’s an important chance for him to get to know the players and the city and come back firing.
  • Allan Saint-Maximin has a third irritation to his hamstring; hope to see him before World Cup
  • Fabian Schär is fine, he's been nursing a foot injury for a while which reared its head vs Man Utd, but he’ll be fine
  • Jonjo Shelvey still in very early stages of coming back; would only enter pitch in an emergency
  • Karl Darlow recovery going well, not in full training, positive signs
  • Joe Willock is in a better place than he was at the weekend
  • Assessing everyone [who played against Man Utd] and hopefully everyone will be okay
  • The World Cup break gives us a chance to get some players back to full fitness


  • Don’t spend time worrying about other people’s perceptions
  • However, some comments aren’t entirely accurate so I have to stand up for us
  • The club have huge plans and want to go to places; there are huge ambitions
  • We have financial fair play and a training ground that is being refurbished; we’re doing things in a stable and controlled way
  • We haven’t spent extravagantly or out of sync with the rest of the Premier League
  • We want to improve the infrastructure, the environment and the team
  • A huge number of transfers all in one go wouldn’t work for us, we need to add bits and pieces every transfer window


  • Can’t say I’ll never lose control of my emotions because who knows what the future holds
  • I’m aware that I’ll be looked at by millions of people, including children
  • Need to be aware of your demeanor and behaviour on the touchline
  • I try not to lose my discipline; what are my players going to think of me?
  • Need to be in control or I won’t be able to help the players
  • Celebrating is different; I tell my players, if you score, celebrate and enjoy the good moments


  • It’s a compliment to the players and their mentality to defending
  • We defend as a team, from the strikers all the way to the goalkeeper; collective ambition to be a really good team in and out of possession
  • Defending and attacking go hand-in-hand
  • Trying to be brave and aggressive whether attacking or defending
  • Didn’t particularly like the reputation of not being good defensively
  • Looked at everything I was delivering during my break away
  • Defensive record at Bournemouth wasn’t very good; ultimately I was self-critical and went away and worked at it
  • Not to say we have fixed everything


  • We want to turn up and win; you can’t look at teams and overly respect them; play hard and fair
  • Proud of effort and commitment in every game
  • Players are giving their all to deliver a style
  • Can’t fault the energy and physical effort


  • Not going to use injuries as an excuse, there’s more injuries than ever in the Premier League
  • The intensity is so great, it’s our job to keep injuries to a minimum
  • The only question mark I have is over international football and clubs playing in Europe; their schedule is very difficult, and they get no respite
  • The ‘re-injuries’ is a complete no-no for us; we need to learn from that and make sure it doesn’t happen again


  • Not sure I agree with that analogy
  • I try to pick a team and produce a style of play that fits and gets results for the club
  • You need a balance, to attack and defend well together – it’s my job to put that together


  • They’ve made progress, recruited well and have a physical edge
  • We’ll have to stand up to that physical test but I back us to do that in front of the home crowd
  • Lampard has done a very good job
  • I played with him in the Under-21s many years ago, he's a very likeable man


  • Pleased and proud to have him
  • Very professional lad; wouldn’t swap him for anybody
  • He’s proved in his short time with us what a capable goalkeeper he is
  • I’m sure, if you speak with Nick, he’s hugely driven and will want to be England’s number one


  • Don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on him but faith in him is huge
  • It was a long battle to get him but we stuck to our guns because he was the one we wanted
  • He’s repaying our faith
  • He’s very composed and that is really valuable
  • He’s very popular amongst the squad; he’s got a great sense of humour, but very laid back and calm around the players
  • How he performs is a mirror of his personality


  • Had an excellent game against Man Utd, together with Sven
  • His use of the ball is very good, he’s very composed
  • There is a growth in his performances
  • They’ve formed a good partnership
  • £3million for him was an incredible piece of business


  • Love him as a player and a person, he will have opportunities
  • Competing against some very good players
  • Miggy has been very consistent, he has grasped his opportunity


  • Don’t want to blame social media for everything
  • It has created short-term swings of opinion; you can win one game and it swings one way, lose another and it swings the other way
  • Important to know, inside, what type of job you’re doing


  • There’s an aggressive and positive feeling from the crowd, which we want and crave and thrive off
  • Hopefully it’ll be another special evening against Everton


  • It’s a good sign overall, it means we’re creating chances and openings


  • Not planning any trips to the barber; not sure how that would look in reality
  • Not sure I’d want to see that in the mirror


  • We have a number of those behind the scenes here
  • Mark Gillespie and Paul Dummett are local lads and the club means so much to them, and they mean a lot to us
  • Incredible guys, we’re lucky to have them
  • I could probably pick more