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Eddie Howe's Friday press conference - 7th October

Matt · Friday 7th October 2022
Eddie Howe's Friday press conference - 7th October

Eddie Howe spoke with the media this morning, ahead of the weekend's clash against Brentford. Here is a summary of all the topics covered:


  • Alexander Isak has a thigh muscle injury but it doesn't look too bad
  • Allan Saint-Maximin has a chance of playing against Brentford
  • Jonjo Shelvey is ahead of schedule and back in training
  • Joelinton is fine

Reflecting and looking ahead

  • It was nice to see some of the scenes and the happiness when the takeover was announced, but there was no hint of what was to come for me.
  • Pleased with how we controlled emotions; calmness and understanding of the position we were in.
  • Takeover has transformed the feeling and the future. You feel the positivity around the city and it's my job to keep that as long as possible.
  • Very difficult to predict where we go from here; we all know what we want to achieve but there's a lot of work ahead. We're building the foundations for success.
  • I will try to improve the team to the best of my ability.
  • I can't put a timescale on things but sometimes magical things can happen when you don't expect it, if you work hard.
  • Wouldn't turn anything down in terms of participating in European competition; this is something we need to aspire to. Whether we're capable of that; time will tell. We need to be consistent in the Premier League.
  • When you watch European games, you hope that at some point in the future it will be a reality for you. At the moment, with the injuries, I'm glad we're only playing once a week.

Source of Money and Saudi awareness

  • The Directors and Owners Test ratified the owners and I have to put faith in that process. My job is to use that money and recruit the best players for Newcastle.
  • When the job offer came, all I'm thinking is: "do I want to manage Newcastle United Football Club?" The answer was a resounding yes.
  • It's always about football for me; if I veer too far from that I won't do my players justice.
  • My job is to get the best out of the players every time we play.
  • I used to invest in shares; my Grandad got me into it a very long time ago, so I used to buy a particular paper for the shares. I don't buy newspapers now, I'm on the internet like everybody else.
  • With how busy I am, I genuinely don't have time to trawl though newspapers and look at political articles.

Taking the job

  • The moment I found out that it was myself and Unai going for the job, I resigned myself that it wasn't going to be mine due to his track record. I was hugely disappointed because Newcastle was the one I wanted.
  • Things changed and the 'fate' part came around and I was more than happy to take the opportunity.
  • There was an immediate realisation of the situation and it was time to start work. You go into 'work mode' and there's a thousand thoughts going through my head.
  • My presentation was about me and where I saw the team going, just very honest.
  • The owners were very open, honest and ambitious. There was a lot of talk about the future and where the club will be.


  • We're starting the process, we tweak month-to-month, gradually. The execution needs work and time; daily habits. I need to be repetitively immersed in the players, drilling down with them all the time with consistent messages.
  • We have lots of athletic players whose first instinct is the press. Other players may need to work on their game to deliver that.
  • We're very early in the journey we want to go on; we're still very delicately poised. We have to earn every point we get.
  • Looking too far into the future is no use to me.
  • The game is getting more and more reliant on data but there needs to be a balance: your eye tells you some things and then data tells you things you might not have seen
  • I do believe in data, particularly regarding recruitment as time - in that field - is so important. It is something we will utilise.
  • I'm here to prove that I'm the right man to lead the club forward; not just now but in the future.


  • There's so much positivity around the club, we need to keep it and deliver success. Very positive about the future.
  • Need people in the right positions and to give them the freedom to execute their plans. Lots going on behind the scenes.

Joe Willock

  • He has all the tools; athletically and technically he's very good with an eye for goal. We're working with him consistently.
  • Some nice problems to have with team selection.
  • He was everywhere on the pitch last week; athletically he was really good. He's an all-round midfielder but he wants to score. He's getting in the right areas.


  • He's been bright and bubbly since returning from rehab away from the club
  • He's been very good behind the scenes; disciplined and ready to work

Jacob Murphy

  • He was excellent last weekend and has been very reliable for me; highly intelligent and professional
  • Fulham was probably his best performance since he's been here and hopefully it's the start of a good run for him

Miguel Almirón

  • Mentally he's in the best place he's ever been. He's taken outstanding pre-season form into the season and there's more to come.

Garang Kuol in the away end

  • He's embracing everything to do with Newcastle and I encourage that; he'll have a huge feeling of what it means now


  • Hopefully the anniversary gives the crowd another level to go to, but they've been brilliant in every moment backing the team.
  • They haven't deviated too much from their plans; they're very effective, particularly in set plays. Thomas Frank is an innovator and has done a very good job.

You can also watch the press conference via the club's website