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Eddie Howe's Friday press conference - 4th November

Matt · Friday 4th November 2022
Eddie Howe's Friday press conference - 4th November

Eddie Howe spoke with the media this morning ahead of Sunday's match against Southampton. Here is all of the topics covered, summarised/paraphrased. See the club website for the full press conference.


  • Some bumps and bruises but nothing too bad
  • Allan Saint-Maximin: okay
  • Jonjo Shelvey: okay. He’s getting closer to a start. Had two full weeks of training.
  • Callum Wilson: okay
  • Darlow is training and trained well this week
  • Emil Krafth, Alexander Isak and Matt Ritchie still out, otherwise in a good place
  • Strength of the group is slowly returning
  • We’re in a lot better place than what we were a few weeks ago


  • If I think back to what I was doing this time last year, I was trying to formulate my plans as to what I might do if I get the job
  • Gone so quickly and loved every moment of it
  • We had clear ideas of what we wanted to do based on my understanding of the best way to do the job
  • Had a clear vision of the club being a huge one; everything was here, just needed injection of positivity and results
  • Tried not to focus on what went on in the past; that’s a dangerous thing, you can be reliant on certain traditions and cultures
  • We respected that but we had our own blueprint and we set about implementing that
  • The Cambridge one… I can still feel that disappointment today
  • We wanted to build a winning culture; it was an ideal opportunity, we didn’t and went out of the cup
  • There was a lowness after that, Watford too
  • Those two games; afterwards, there felt like a long way to go
  • Thankfully, the reaction to those disappointments was very strong
  • You need results to validate what you feel about the squad, after the Leeds game things changed in a positive direction
  • The players need to see that it’s working, the longer you go without a result, the more difficult it becomes


  • Trying to organise mini pre-season
  • Rayo Vallecano is an exciting game, will look forward to it


  • We’re not looking for validation, we’re just doing the job to the best of our ability
  • I love working with players and coaching players
  • It’s a really open group who wanted that work
  • I don’t feel like we’ve bought the success we’re currently having, it’s come from a lot of hard work and performances of the players
  • Only we can prove if we’re contenders or not
  • I try and stay very detached from the emotion
  • All I want to do is get the team performing at its highest possible level
  • Don’t want to focus too much on results or targets, just try and drive the team
  • Have to compliment the players so far this season
  • Lots of areas of the team we need to improve, which we’re working towards every day


  • Very difficult game, always
  • Lot of respect for Ralf Hasenhuttl
  • They change their system and personnel a lot, difficult to read, very flexible and difficult to prepare for
  • They have a lot of youth in the squad so physically we’ll have to be ready
  • We have to prepare well and get our messages right
  • Every game is so difficult
  • Hopefully we can deliver what we need to at our highest level


  • We haven’t had discussions internally regarding January in terms of finances and how we look in the market
  • That’s a question for another day
  • Three games coming up this week, our focus is on that
  • In the break we’ll look to January to see what our options are
  • They key thing is not to listen to outside speculation
  • The targets we had in the summer were clear and we recruited in those positions
  • Have always loved Miggy because of his work-rate, a difficult player to contain, and he’s added product this season to his brilliant work out of possession
  • We look at every position to improve and that won’t change with the ambition of the owners
  • The players who’ve done well for us will always be respected
  • If you bring someone in who doesn’t have that team ethic you can unbalance the changing rooms
  • Desperately don’t want to do that, want to enhance the changing room every window


  • Really special part of Newcastle
  • Any message they give us is received
  • We want everyone connected to the club and the city to believe
  • It’s our job to focus on the day-to-day
  • If our performances are getting people in a particular mindset, we have to live up to that


  • We don’t expect him to be scoring shots from 25 yards every week; it’s an unrealistic expectation
  • We’re delighted with the ones he has scored
  • He has a showreel of outstanding goals
  • I get just as much pleasure from the tap-in at Fulham
  • He’s worked tirelessly in all aspects of his game and performs in a well-performing team
  • Relationship with Tripps and whoever is playing on that right side is very good, they help each other
  • His confidence has improved
  • Never underestimate players’ abilities given the right surroundings and confidence
  • Seen players in League 2 go on to play in the Championship when you wouldn’t necessarily thought that was possible
  • Never put limitations on players
  • I don’t really analyse the weakness of the right foot, I analyse the strength of the left foot – which is a wand at the moment
  • Never discussed the Grealish comment with Miggy, don’t see it as being relevant at all
  • Personally don’t think it would have any part in his thinking
  • His motivations are much greater than any comment that an individual could make
  • The supporters love him and he loves them back
  • He’s got huge positive things in his life which have driven him more than Grealish’s comment


  • That was a lovely gesture from Bruno, genuine in his love for Miggy
  • Sums him up and it sums up the team
  • We’re working as a team, not as individuals or for self-gain, it’s all for the benefit of the club
  • It was the start of Bruno’s journey in terms of displaying how good a player he is
  • Was never in doubt for me
  • We didn’t predict the goalscoring
  • He can play really well from deep but play higher up too
  • He’s been outstanding and hopefully there’s a lot more to come; he is happy at the moment
  • Hope he gets a chance to show the world how good he is
  • [The picture with Shearer] was an amazing moment for Bruno and an amazing moment to see two icons together


  • Gareth will do his work, he’ll know Dan inside out and know his capabilities
  • He can player several positions and a model of consistency
  • Great person with great leadership skills
  • Cannot place a higher value on him for what he’s done for me
  • He sometimes goes under the radar but he’s been so good in different positions for us
  • Give us a lot of solidity when we attack and he uses the ball well, defended very well too
  • Pleased for him on a personal level that he’s maintained his form and is in a good place


  • Been excellent since he’s come into the team, he give us a drive and endurance which we’d miss if he wasn’t there
  • Very good attitude
  • He regularly churns out the highest physical stats every day in training
  • Several other players have the same quality and it makes us hard to beat


  • He’s been fantastic this season, a model of consistency
  • Pleased for him to score last week, he needed that for himself, he was very pleased
  • He’s got that steeliness, work ethic and determination – he epitomises that


  • He’s our leader off the pitch
  • Everyone looks at him as the Captain, because of how he conducts himself day-to-day
  • His attitude is exemplary and he has the respect of everybody here
  • We have a leadership group to push standards and drive the group forward all the time


  • He’s an outstanding goalkeeper
  • I’ll have a chat with Martin as time progresses; he’s in a busy period as we are
  • Will see what he wants to do next, at the right time
  • The door is still open, a lot will depend on what Martin wants and we’ll take it from there


  • He’s running and has seen a couple of specialists to find solutions to muscle problems he’s been getting
  • He’s in a good place