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Eddie Howe's Friday press conference - 28th October

Matt · Friday 28th October 2022
Eddie Howe's Friday press conference - 28th October

Eddie Howe spoke with the media this morning, ahead of Saturday's match against Aston Villa. Here is all of the topics covered, summarised/paraphrased. See the club website for the full press conference.


  • Elliot Anderson: minor niggle, back in the squad this week
  • Allan Saint-Maximin: he has a chance of featuring against Villa
  • Alexander Isak: he won’t be back before the World Cup break
  • Jonjo Shelvey: he has a huge role to play


  • When you say it’s all about money it takes the credit away from the players
  • The players have done brilliant for us, those not bought by me
  • The contribution they’ve given shouldn’t go unnoticed
  • Money doesn’t guarantee success; it helps, but it doesn’t guarantee anything
  • You can recruit badly and it can be very costly
  • I want my players to be recognised when they do well


  • We give everything to win, it’s our objective every week
  • When you achieve that, there’s a moment of satisfaction – a short moment in my case
  • We enjoy the moment we’re in
  • I’m very hard on myself in probably every way; if results are bad I’m hard on myself, if results are good I’m pushing myself for more
  • When my career ends – which hopefully isn’t for a while – I can look back and say “I did okay,” until then I’ll keep pushing myself
  • Time flies; we’ve enjoyed it but it’s gone so quickly
  • We’re just starting, so much more to do – but I’ll probably say that in 12 months’ time too


  • [Moving to London] is an absolute non-starter; we play for Newcastle, work for Newcastle, and we will be in Newcastle
  • Very proud to be associated with the city, it’s a brilliant place to live
  • Take away the football side, being here and around the people; you have to embrace everything about Newcastle to give your best for the club
  • That will never change
  • You need to be a very good footballer to play for Newcastle but you have to buy into everything surrounding that to give yourself the best chance of being successful here
  • If you have those commitments, you have a much higher chance of success
  • The players have been in a cramped space until now; they go into their new changing room soon, which is a much bigger space
  • At the moment they’re in three different rooms


  • VAR is very contentious
  • I have sympathy for referees; the one on the pitch might have a different opinion to the VAR
  • Coaches around the land will say how difficult it is when they’re refereeing small games on the training ground
  • You’re under so much pressure to get results and there’s a lot of intense detailing of how we act and what we do
  • I just try to help my players and not concentrate on the officials


  • It’s a big break that is unheard of during a season but we’ll manage it right and make the best use of the time
  • A break in coaching probably goes against what I want to do
  • When you have the break, you plan and prepare in advance of it
  • It’ll be a mini pre-season when we come back
  • We’ll also have our eye on January
  • I wouldn’t be interested in punditry; I have too much work to do as Newcastle manager


  • A lot of work has gone in by players and staff to implement a style of play we want to have
  • We analyse and come up with solutions
  • We want a style of play that can be consistent against all types of teams in all arenas


  • Been a good week for us
  • Players were feeling effects of three games but they’ve recovered and we’re fully prepared
  • Few tired bodies but nothing too serious
  • We’ve learned that we’ve got a good resilience about the team
  • Attitude and commitment in away games was very good
  • Very professional against Everton and got the job done
  • It’s a big confidence boost; consistency is now the key word
  • Determined not to lose our momentum
  • You can lose to anyone in the Premier League if you drop performance levels


  • Probably the most impressive win of the season
  • How we managed the end of the game was hugely impressive
  • You’d expect us to be camped in our half and defending for our lives
  • We defended on the front foot and defended with the ball, it was great to see


  • They did well last week; a team full of energy and enthusiasm
  • They have a very good squad and we expect a very difficult game
  • I don’t watch games with volume on because I don’t like to deviate my thoughts from the commentary or the noise
  • Analytical process that is more effective without the sound


  • Won’t be seeking him out, I’ve too much to think about – concentrate on Newcastle
  • He’s a fantastic manager with an unbelievable record in various countries
  • A good appointment
  • I’m very proud to be leading this team and looking forward to the challenges ahead
  • It’s great to see for the Premier League; we want the best players and the best managers, we want the product to be the best thing it can be – I can learn from that


  • Currently he is in a really good place
  • The recent setback was a huge blow to him but it mentally reset him and forced him to focus and get his recovery right
  • Seen a steely determination from him to get back to fitness and a real dedication to his profession to get himself back as quickly as possible
  • He has an intense routine
  • Can’t speak highly enough about how he’s attacked this stage of his rehab


  • He looks refreshed and ready to go
  • He’s adapting to being a Dad for the first time, which is a testing period
  • The pride of being a Dad and the pride of wearing a Newcastle shirt: he managed to produce a really good performance


  • Came through the games very well
  • Big responsibility on the number 9 to execute off-the-ball plan and he did very well
  • Underestimated how good the finish was
  • He’s bouncing in training, he’s in a very positive mindset


  • Don’t know where contract story has come from
  • Don’t think any conversations have started between the club and his representatives
  • Busy spell of games at the moment; all discussions regarding contracts will start at a later date