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Eddie Howe's Friday press conference - 21st October

Matt · Friday 21st October 2022
Eddie Howe's Friday press conference - 21st October

Eddie Howe spoke with the media this morning, ahead of Sunday's clash against Spurs. Here is all of the topics covered, summarised/paraphrased. See the club website for the full press conference.


  • Joelinton: got a knock to side of knee, said he had to come off. Hopefully not serious but unclear
  • Allan Saint-Maximin: hopeful that he’ll feature before World Cup
  • Joe Willock: Not fully over illness, still slightly under the weather
  • Paul Dummett has a calf problem
  • Javier Manquillo had an ankle injury but will train today
  • Jonjo Shelvey: involved but probably not ready to start the game; don’t want to make a mistake with him
  • Wanted Shelvey involved for his leadership and experience despite not being on the pitch
  • No confirmed injuries from Everton game


  • Disappointed for Steve [Gerrard]; very good manager, goes to show the short-term nature of everyone’s thinking and reactions
  • Difficult and volatile job, go into it with eyes open and grounded
  • The media is a bigger beast than it has been in the past
  • Makes the job exciting and rewarding but you have it in the back of your head what could happen
  • Motivates me to stay managing this brilliant club
  • I want to commit to something fully because that’s the best way for success; that’s why I moved family up here
  • I will go all in and give everything I can; I need to be sane and content and happy in my life; that will only be the case if I’ve got the people I love around me
  • If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but I will have the feeling that I’ve given everything my best effort
  • That could be any of us at any stage; always feel for a manger when he loses his job


  • It is a football decision and considered the best thing for the team; in my opinion that is to take them away
  • Last year’s trip had a lot of benefits, lots of positive connotations
  • Weather was good and facilities were first class
  • Team spirit off the back of the trip was very good
  • Will play one game
  • Didn’t know they were bidding for the World Cup
  • I’ve no idea about any of that [regarding anything to do with promotion for Saudi Arabia]


  • [Spending £100million every transfer window] Agree that that is unsustainable
  • We need to manage all aspects of the football club so we’re not so reliant on heavy transfer fees
  • Need to produce our own
  • No two windows are the same and we’ll have to control that spending for sure


  • Margins between success and failure are so small
  • Lots of little things you have to do well to stay ahead of the margins; we’re doing that at the moment but can’t be complacent
  • Need to be consistent with our work
  • There's a special feeling internally which I get a close-up view every day
  • Have to compliment mentality of players who are fighting to get into the team; display really good support and good atmosphere
  • Urge players and staff to enjoy wins because you don’t know when the next one’s coming, whilst keeping feet on the ground
  • We’re in a good place mentally but recognize the challenges ahead of us


  • Our defenders and team as a whole have the same mindset
  • Very healthy attitude to defending
  • It’s never finished, never final, we’ve another game around the corner and we need to earn the right all over again
  • Start from zero, regardless of previous game
  • Healthy to reset and know you’re up against Harry Kane and the strengths of the Tottenham team
  • Good test of our defensive structure and mentality; one of the toughest assignments we’ll have this season
  • It’s a third game in a short period of time, we need to be sure we’re at our very best levels physically and mentally
  • It was a really nice picture [the one of the backline]; do want to recognize the guys around those players too


  • It impressed me; our general attitude and performance defensively as a team was at the very highest level
  • General shape and attitude to defend goal and get behind the ball was at a high level
  • Unity is the word; I tell the players that you should stand up for each other on the pitch, like a family
  • In the moment [with Gordon], it was a protecting feeling whilst keeping our discipline and control
  • Urge the group to stay emotionally level while also having each other’s backs


  • Was a really tough second half last season, painful at the time
  • Took a lot from the game, remember it well, remember the lessons we took
  • Played its part in helping us stay in the division
  • The team’s characteristics now aren’t that different; more confidence and belief
  • Team not chosen; see how people feel post-Everton and look at game tactically
  • We’ll try and pick the right players
  • Knowing Antonio and his team, they’re very strong at home; really like him personally
  • No part of us will think it’s anything other than a game against a top team and a top manager
  • Their stadium is a world class facility but I love our stadium


  • Shouldn’t overthink or over-analyse himself too much and continue enjoying his football
  • His strengths are all action and all energy
  • Don’t necessarily expect him to score spectacular goals every week
  • Tap-ins much easier to replicate


  • Lovely lad, good character, Newcastle through and through and loves the club
  • Love working with him, enjoy the relationship
  • Worked hard in different bits in and out of possession
  • Love him athletically; covers incredible distances every game and has creativity around the box
  • Playing deeper, he has to be cuter about his decisions in terms of releasing the ball and holding
  • Good passing range


  • Players have been taking those opportunities [when injuries have arisen]
  • To get results while picking up injuries is a good thing
  • We do need to be at full strength because the competition is so high