Sat 23 Dec 2023, 18:29 · Ash Harrison

Cautious Eddie Howe bites his tongue in his post-match press conference - maybe he should just unleash

Cautious Eddie Howe bites his tongue in his post-match press conference - maybe he should just unleash
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Eddie Howe has always been a calm figure when facing the press both in victory and defeat, but if ever there was a time to go feral, this is it.

We get how Howe likes to operate behind the curtain and would rather be nice guy Eddie in front of the cameras but we know he can dish it out in the dressing room when needed, but is it time we saw him free the beast in an interview?

A public dressing down might give some players the kick up the arse they need right now. That display against Luton this afternoon was not good enough by any metric and to come out with the same old "we'll reflect and put it behind us" line we get after every defeat just doesn't cut it.

Howe was clearly annoyed but just won't break character

You can tell Howe is riled up in his post-match presser after that humiliating defeat to Luton, but he even checks himself before going off on a rant (via Newcastle World).

Eddie Howe
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Owld "Tight Lips" Eddie

Instead of letting fly and saying what we all want to hear him say at this point, he once again takes a calm and measured approach.

"I think I've got to choose my words carefully. We have an incredible group and I was disappointed with the first half performance, I thought we needed more, we needed more emotion in our performance, more energy in our performance.

"I'm not going to say any more than that really but I think the players felt that as well. We were well aware we were below our levels but second half was a lot better and we couldn't force the goal we needed and the mistake in the first half has cost us the match."

Be honest with us, Eddie. Please!

Eddie, just say they were s***e, man. Everybody knows we were, it wouldn't be news to anyone, just be honest with us for once.

Also, admit that hooking Lewis Miley in the first half was a ridiculous decision when Bruno Guimaraes and Sean Longstaff were playing like they were wearing sponge boots.

I need a lie down or I'm going to burst a blood vessel.