Tue 14 Nov 2023, 12:24 · Ash Harrison

Answers on the way as the VAR audio from Newcastle’s goal against Arsenal to be released tonight

Answers on the way as the VAR audio from Newcastle’s goal against Arsenal to be released tonight
Sky Sports
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It's been well over a week and still Arsenal won't let it lie.

Newcastle's winning goal against Arsenal last weekend still haunts Mikel Arteta's dreams as VAR checked and cleared three separate incidents leading up to the goal.

Anthony Gordon's 64th-minute strike was allowed to stand after VAR checked for a ball going out of play, an offside and a foul before concluding they had no evidence to overturn the referee's decision.

Mikel Arteta will be watching with a box of tissues in hand

Mikel Arteta's tears at full-time in the post-match interviews and the post-match press conference raised the level of the Tyne by six inches.

Since then some pundits, namely Ian Wright and Martin Keown have come out and insisted that VAR got it wrong. I think there's some link between Wright and Keown and Arsenal, but I just can't quite put my finger on it.

Tonight, hopefully, all the issues will be put to bed as Sky Sports is going to play the VAR audio from the incident on the latest edition of Match Officials Mic'd Up at 8pm tonight on Sky Sports Premier League.

It doesn't matter what they said now, but it's going to be fun anyway

It's going to be interesting to hear everything they checked and the reasons they gave at the time for allowing the goal to stand.

We were told at the time that there was no clear camera angle for any incident that could conclude that the on-field officials got any of the calls wrong and as such, they were unable to overturn the decisions.

That means, that while it remains contentious, the "push" by Joelinton, whether it was a foul or not, doesn't matter. If the on-field referee missed it and VAR has no conclusive evidence that he got it wrong, then it's irrelevant. Pre-VAR the goal would have stood, so just be happy that it was checked.