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Al-Rumayyan reveals Man Utd interest, Fernandez interview, more Fulham analysis

Matt · Tuesday 4th October 2022
Al-Rumayyan reveals Man Utd interest, Fernandez interview, more Fulham analysis


Majority owner speaks

  • NUFC Chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan gave an interview today discussing the club and its future
  • Full quotes, courtesy of The Athletic:
"Football, of course, is one of the most important sports there is. Whether domestically (in Saudi) or abroad. It’s the number one sport in the world.

“And why the English Premier League? Because it’s the best league in the world. No other league competes with it.

“There are 20 teams, three are relegated and three are promoted. The advantage of the Premier League is that any of the 20 teams can beat the best team in the league.”

“When we looked at it, we looked at it form a financial perspective. By the way, it wasn’t the first offer we got regarding a football team. We looked in Italy, France and the UK as well.

“For example, in the UK there was a team that approached us on the basis that we take 30 per cent of the ownership, and we don’t interfere at all in terms of managing the club, for £700m.”

"Then we bought Newcastle, who offered us 100 per cent of the ownership. But Amanda Staveley and her husband who got us the opportunity told us, ‘We like it so much, we would like to be with you’. That was perfect.

“Then came the Reuben family who are one of the biggest property investors, saying that, ‘We would like to come with you’, and these are one of the biggest investors in Newcastle. I said, ‘Perfect! Tell them to come’. So now they (Amanda, her husband and Reubens) have a skin in the game.

“We bought the whole team for £350m, instead of only having 30 per cent in another team for £700m.”

“You can see Chelsea was sold for $3.5bn. So, my potential now is to go from £350m to at least $3.5bn.”

Miggy gets Shearer recognition

Fede reflects

  • Fede Fernandez, now with Elche in Spain, had this to say to The Chronicle:
"We were speaking about my time at Newcastle and the relationship that we had. He said thanks for how I had been even when I was not playing. From my side, it was the same. I thanked him for coming to the club and helping us make a real impact to start winning games.

"Eddie and his staff, from day one, came in with a really good spirit and organisation with everything. The training was a huge change for us from what we had come from in terms of intensity and the detail, and how competitive it was. He tried to keep everyone fit and competing for a place. That was really good.

"I said to him and the staff when I left that they are in a very good place to have a future in Newcastle. They are well prepared.

"I spoke with a few of the lads when I left. Matt Ritchie mentioned that with Jamaal [Lascelles] and a few others that had stayed during my four years, we managed to keep Newcastle in the league. He said 'We had really good moments so don't underestimate what we have done'. This is something nice as well.

"We supported each other to try and get Newcastle in the best place. Now the situation has changed for the good but years before, as players, we tried to manage the team to improve everyone at the club. We did it well. Things were very different. We needed to stick together with the group we had. If someone came in, they had to have the same spirit to fight for the club and the fans.

"No matter what situation you are in, the fans will always support you with a full house at home so make them proud. They ask for this. In the end, we managed it. Sometimes, day by day, you don't stop to think about it, but what Matty said was right.

"When I was in Swansea and I played at St James' Park, it was a place where you thought, 'Maybe one day I want to play for them.'I had that chance.

"As a little kid, I remember Newcastle being at the top, fighting for the title. The fans are amazing for how they live for football. If they are doing well, you can feel a different spirit in the city. They push us in the right way. At home was something special but, even away, Newcastle have the best fans. They are loud and don't have their shirts on - even when it's December!"

"They are in a good way. Now, every year, try to improve the squad, get quality players, the right players, for what they are building. Then you never know when this first trophy might arrive. I hope soon. You need to believe it. I know Eddie and the staff will put them in the spirit where they need to fight for these trophies to come."

Progressive passing!

What else?