Sat 11 Nov 2023, 20:13 · Ash Harrison

£12m Newcastle man should be pulled from international duty by Eddie Howe - opinion

£12m Newcastle man should be pulled from international duty by Eddie Howe - opinion
Carl Recine/Reuters
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Newcastle United fell to an embarrassing 2-0 defeat to Bournemouth this evening.

There weren't many players who could come off the pitch with their heads held high after that performance, but we have to keep things in perspective, given how many players we have missing and how much football those who remain are having to play.

That being said, they are professionals and they have a job to do and they didn't do that job today.

Kieran Trippier could really do with not having to play for England right now

One man who looks like he desperately needs this two-week break is Kieran Trippier but unfortunately, the 33-year-old has been selected for England duty by Gareth Southgate so is still likely to be playing more competitive football during the break.

Trippier has been poor lately and from the outside, it just seems like the man is exhausted and needs a rest. He's been playing constantly, swapping positions during games and with it being Trippier he will always give his all, even when the tank is empty and that's what's leading to errors.

Today he once again played short passes across the defence and back to Pope putting the side under unnecessary pressure. He clearly needs a rest and as such, Eddie Howe should be speaking to Gareth Southgate and saying that he's staying put this time.

Club before country and our club is desperate for fully fit players

Club comes first and Newcastle needs him back at full speed and capable of playing a simple pass again.

Clearly, Trippier knows he's not at his best and he's obviously frustrated as demonstrated by the interaction with the fans after the Bournemouth game this evening. Very out of character for the mini-skipper.

A couple of weeks on the training ground with his club mates, and a bit of time to relax. That's what he needs, not travelling and playing football with England, not when Newcastle are missing so many players. It might sound selfish to want him to lose out on more international caps, but Newcastle simply don't have the luxury of risking him right now.